About Us

Widgett Scientific provides services to numerous customers all over the US and a number of other countries. We understand the challenges faced by chemists and engineers because we’ve been there- done that. We understand their language and terminology and welcome inquires concerning unique problem solving opportunities. Perhaps you need a simple modification or repair on some existing equipment, a replacement part for a foreign made decide that you don’t have a source for, an adapter that doesn’t exist, or a part for an obsolete instrument. We have supplied equipment for complete laboratories, small versions of production units that are used for scale-up data collection.

​Owner Gene Bayne, has over 45 years experience in design and fabrication of scientific equipment. He worked as n R&D chemist for about 12 years in Process Development for Ciba Geigy Corp. gaining experience and knowledge in the design, building, and use of this equipment. 

Meet Our Team

Gene Bayne

Founder of Widgett Scientific, Gene has over 45 years of experience in design and fabrication of scientific equipment. He worked as an R&D chemist for about 12 years with CIBA Geigy Corp. in process development. This involved taking a known chemical route to a product, duplicating and often improving it in the lab, then putting together an arrangement of equipment to accomplish the synthesis step-scale up to pilot plant or commercial production scale. Working on numerous projects in the lab, and use of numerous types of equipment. 


Gene has been a member of the American Scientific Glassblower’s Society (ASGS) since 1974. He has conducted a number of regional meetings of the Society and was Chairman of the National ASGS Convention in New Orleans in 1996. Gene has given technical papers and workshop instruction at a number of these meetings. 

Chris Cheramie

Chris has worked most of his life in the oilfield working his way up to a Drilling Foreman’s position. After the last crash of oil prices he decided a change of careers was in order. Leery, skeptical, and a little befuddled that there were still glassblowing companies left. He decided to take a chance and join Widgett learning to blow glass and running the front office.

Gerhart Perdue

Gerhart is our Master Glassblower, who has been with Widgett since 1983. A native of Wisconsin, he moved to Baton Rouge as a welder and eventually came on as an apprentice glassblower.

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